How to Determine the Size and Cup of your Mastectomy Brassiere

Step 1 – Getting the Bra Size (preferably standing with bra on)

Measure your body circumference directly underneath the breast snugly. 

If the measurement obtained is an even number, add 4 inches. 

e.g. 28” + 4” = 32” => Your Bra Size will be 32. 

If the measurement obtained is an odd number, add 5 inches. 

e.g. 29” + 5” = 34” => Your bra size will be 34.

If your body’s circumference measures 40 inches or more, add just 1 - 2 inches to get an even number. 
If measurement is taken while seated, no need to add. 

Step 2 - Determine the Cup Size

Measure your natural breast from the center of your sternum (chest bone), directly across the nipple area and under the axilla (armpit) to the centre of your back (spine).

Multiply this measurement by 2. E.g. 18” X 2 = 36”

The difference between the 1st measurement (step 1) and the 2nd measurement (step 2) will help determine the cup of your bra.
E.g. Bra Size = 34” (step 1) and difference = 2” (step 2) => You are a 34B! 

Difference between the 2 MeasurementsCup Size


 Quick Check For A Good Fit  

1. Does the bra ride up?

The bra should be worn snug (not loose) so that the bandeau can work/support.

2. Does the breast form feel heavy?

Adjust the bra straps so that the breast form is close to the body and/or try on a different bra style with wider shoulder straps.

3. Does the breast form projection match the natural side?

Try a bigger/smaller breast form, or a different shape.

4. Is there a depressed area above the breast form?

Try using a bust cup to fill in the ‘cavity’.

5. Measurement

Measure from the center of the chest across the nipple to the center of the back on both sides. The measurement should be about the same on both sides.

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